Flavor & Fragrance
We specialize in providing solutions for the Flavor and Fragrance industry

Flavor & Fragrance Specialties

Adesis has serviced clients in the Flavor and Fragrance (F&F) industry for over 20 years, which leverages our natural products expertise. Our chemistry team, with diverse skill sets and in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry, can solve these client challenges. We understand the chemistry challenges for the F&F industry are different, with several major factors being high purity (>99%), no residues, and cost-of-goods.

These clients frequently leverage our ability to:

  • Extract and separate out the natural products from the crude extracts of fermentations
  • Handle extracts from plants
  • Structural modifications of natural products
  • Experience with ozonolysis
  • Understanding of transition-metal catalysts for certain transformations

Industry Services & Capabilities

Explore our wide array of services and capabilities geared specifically toward the Flavor & Fragrance industry.