On-Site Equipment and Capabilities

On-site equipment

The Adesis lab is a 25,000 sq ft facility located in New Castle, Delaware. We have a broad range of equipment to handle our clients’ organic chemistry needs. We continue to add new equipment in order to expand our capacity and/or for chemistry project needs.

We understand the importance of having on-site analytical capabilities to ensure fast turnaround of our clients’ projects.

Specialty Equipment

  • 52 hoods (approx. 50% walk-in hood for scale-up)
  • Buchi evaporators
    • Research scale to scale-up (5 to 20 L)
  • Hydrogenators (80-2000 psi)
    • 2 liter glass Parr reactors
    • 1.8 liter pressure reactors
    • 22 liter pressure reactors
  • Ozone generator: up to 5 lb per day
  • Automated microwave synthesizer (parallel synthesis format)
  • Inert atmosphere chamber
    • For high potency agents
    • Extreme pyrophorics
  • 200 L Glass-lined reactor
  • Molecular-film distillation with continuous feed
  • Fractional distillation for large scale
  • Solid state distillation for large scale
  • Variable scale pressurized chromatographic systems
    • Biotage chromatography systems
    • Analogix chromatography systems
    • Waters automated semi-prep systems
  • Proprietary chromatography systems (for large scale purifications)
  • Preparative chiral separations
    • Smaller scale internally
    • Larger scale via third-party arrangements
  • SCFC separations (via third-party arrangements next door)
  • Zone refining and sublimation
    • Large scale

Adesis lab equipment

Analytical Capabilities

  • Multi-nuclei 300 MHz (1) and 400 MHz NMRs with heteronuclear capabilities
  • HPLC 1100 (2)
  • Chiral HPLC method development
  • FTIR
  • GC and GC-MS
  • LC-MS
  • Karl Fischer titration test
  • Polarimeter
  • Buchi Melting Point B-545

Experienced Chemistry Staff

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