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Adesis, Inc. is a contract research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, biomaterials, and catalysts industry. It specializes in organic and organometallic synthesis, in milligrams to multi-kilogram quantities. Adesis has a business model of providing clients with organic chemistry services in three areas: early stage research, scale up and development, and specialty manufacturing. We have been successful for over 20 years by taking a different approach than other CRO’s. Our leadership team of scientists implemented a simple approach: hire talented chemists with exceptional work ethics, integrity, versatility, and a commitment to deliver the project/material to our client.

Fee for Service

Fee for service (FFS) projects are bid at a guaranteed fixed price. We historically offer our clients two options:

Labor with an Estimate for Raw Materials

This type of pricing is designed for clients that want a breakdown of labor and estimated raw material/waste/analytical costs. Please note that the actual cost raw material/waste/analytical could decrease or increase and are back-charged at cost.

All Inclusive

This type of pricing is designed for clients who prefer a fixed cost, especially for accounting purposes. The total cost quoted in the proposal will be the total cost for the project.

Full Time Equivalents

Full time equivalents (FTEs) are committed full time (40 hours) to the sponsor. FTE-based projects are quoted on time and materials, with back-charge of raw materials. The benefits for contracting full time equivalents (FTE) versus contracting multiple one-off type projects include:

Reliable Capacity

FTE contracts provide our clients consistent and reliable laboratory capacity. In a one-off situation, timely project start-up may be hampered by various accounting and paperwork requirements. FTE contracts are a one-time paperwork chore and the rest of the term is dedicated to chemistry.

Project Execution Facilitation

Projects may be initiated immediately when the chemistry is provided, there is no time lapse for proposal writing and contract approval process.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

The data-driven dynamics of the research/development environment often necessitate changes in goals. For example, late-breaking data on an investigational molecule will prompt its de-prioritization in favor of another lead compound or research path entirely. Consequently, the scale-up synthesis of a target molecule may need to be modified mid-stream or be suspended. The FTE approach allows for projects to change without the need to adjust a work order, or even be cancelled if there are no longer any chemistry needs.

Made in the USA

At Adesis, our clients enjoy the confidence of intellectual property security, patent protection, and confidentiality of working with an organization owned and operated entirely in the USA.

Learn About Our Confidentiality & Ethics Policies

Here at Adesis, we take client confidentiality very seriously. Learn about the steps we take to protect our clients and their intellectual property.


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