Confidentiality & Ethics
Protecting our clients is always a top priority

Confidentiality Practices

We take client confidentiality seriously, which is one of the reasons Adesis performs all of our chemistry at our facility in New Castle, Delaware. Here are several measures we have taken to ensure that our clients’ intellectual property (IP) is protected.

  • All employees sign a confidentiality agreement with Adesis, and have annual classes on IP
  • All IP and discoveries related to client projects belong to the client
  • All products made for the client are sent to the client—nothing is withheld
  • Client products and compounds will not appear in the Adesis catalog*
  • Adesis can provide secure sites for document upload and downloading
  • All costs are clearly stated to the client
  • FTE rates typically do not include raw materials and waste handling, which are listed separately
  • There are no changes to our proposed costs unless there has been an agreed change in the scope of work
  • Projects and collaborations are always led by an experienced PhD chemist (who was been employed by Adesis for over 10 years)

*The Adesis catalog is built on a very specific subset of heterocyclic chemistries.

Adesis laboratory equipment

Made in the USA

Adesis has proudly operated all of our business from the US for our entire history and plan to continue our completely domestic operations.

We understand the importance of IP and patent protection for our clients. Amid growing industry-wide concerns about where new technologies are being developed, Adesis has made a conscious decision not to expand overseas.

Our clients enjoy the confidence of IP, patent protection, and confidentiality of working with an organization owned and operated in the US.

IT and computer security at our lab

Computer Security

Adesis has a long history of adapting to the changing environment in the contract research industry. One area that has changed significantly since our humble beginnings is computer security. This topic has been brought up more frequently over the past few years because of the importance in protecting data and being able to communicate in a secure environment.

We have always understood the importance of computer security so we invested and continue to invest significant resources into our IT infrastructure, both onsite and offsite. We also continually evaluate and update our systems to ensure that we have secure systems that are consistent with industry best practices.

Below is a list of our current infrastructure as well as information about our external support.

  • Virtual Server Systems
  • Firewall Security Appliance
  • Data Backup
  • External Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

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