Analytical Chemistry Services for Pharmaceutical R&D

Close collaboration to achieve purity and efficiency. Shorter delivery timelines. Direct cost reductions.

Trust Adesis With Your Chemistry.

Working with Adesis means having access to capabilities ranging from simple analyses through complex chiral method development. Our analytical chemists guide experimentation and ensure all the materials we synthesize reach their target purity.

Our team provides invaluable insight and support to synthetic chemists, guiding experimentation by helping to characterize reaction intermediates, impurities, and target molecules. Our collaborative approach enables chemists to work more efficiently, leading to cost reductions in the form of reduced labor hours and raw materials.

Our in-house, highly-specialized analytical chemistry services instrumentation includes:

  • NMRs
  • HPLCs and GCs, both with and without MS capabilities
  • GPC
  • XRPD
  • FT-IR
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer

Adesis completed our project 1 week early without compromising safety and quality.

-Pharmaceutical Client