Adesis supports companies in various industries with small molecule organic chemistry expertise. We provide a range of services which can supplement research and development efforts, as well as act as a specialty manufacturer to reinforce supply chains. We have been successful supporting these various industries because of our staff. We currently have over 40 chemists on staff with extensive industry and professional experience so we can support each program with the appropriate skill set to ensure success.

Pharmaceuticals and BioTech industry

Pharmaceuticals & BioTech

As new concepts for drug discovery in the post-genomic age continue to be introduced, synthetic organic chemistry continues to be pivotal to the success of these programs.

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Biomaterial and Material Science industry

Biomaterial & Material Science

Some clients have successfully integrated some of the Adesis Advance Heterocyclic Intermediates into proprietary biomaterial and material science opportunities. This has led to further unique research and development collaborations in uncharted territories and new commercial products.

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Petro Chemcial industry

Petro Chemical

Some of our petro chemical clients recognized the value of Adesis Advance Heterocyclic Intermediates in the design of new catalysts for up-valuing intermediates for new materials and for rapid synthesis of new additives and ligands.

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Flavor and Fragrance industry

Flavor & Fragrance

Adesis has serviced clients in the Flavor and Fragrance (F&F) industry for over 20 years, which leverages our natural products expertise. Our chemistry team, with diverse skill sets and in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry, can solve these client challenges. We understand the chemistry challenges for the F&F industry are different, with several major factors being high purity (>99%), no residues, and cost-of-goods.

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Adesis has been assisting clients in the material science industry for over 24 years. Our clients in the material science industry are from a large variety of markets, the most common being eye care, electronics and novel monomers, coating/inks/dyes, and cosmeceuticals. Our services for these clients range from early stage research, to development/scale up of new or current compounds, to specialty manufacturing for advanced intermediates with high purity requirements.

Electronics & Novel Monomers

Pivotal to the development of energy-efficient consumer electronics is the substitution of metallic components with higher levels of organic-based components. These components comprise high purity organometallics and novel heterocyclic monomers, which Adesis has pioneered in their creation and scale-up.

Coatings, Inks, & Dyes

The advent of novel printing technologies, included in high security systems and extended-life photocopiers, has been enabled by novel dyes. Adesis has leveraged its heterocyclic expertise to enable clients with next-generation dyes, including toll manufacturing.


As the cosmeceuticals and fragrance markets have become more green-oriented, opportunities arise for inclusion of more natural components. These natural components are often custom synthesized, with consistent high purity, for commercial clients.

Eye Care

As the population ages, the development of new therapeutics and ophthalmic implants increases in importance. This development requires exquisite intermediates of high purity and novel heterocyclic monomers, many of which Adesis have pioneered in their creation and scale-up.

From research and development to specialty manufacturing, explore our wide array of services and capabilities.


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