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Meet our VP of Chemistry – John “Jack” Chiarello, PhD.

At Adesis, we take pride in in our deep chemistry expertise that expands with each new challenge our clients bring us. That means collaborating with clients to take compounds from lab to manufacturing – increasing yields, identifying optimal reagents and catalysts, avoiding troublesome isolations and purifications – helping reduce overall costs along the way. Our…

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Of Chemists and Innovation

As a leading chemistry CRO, innovation is our lifeforce. It’s not so surprising when you find out we have a team of 100 chemists — 82 Ph.D. scientists among them — who hold 331 patents, have published 818 peer journal articles and have given more than 398 presentations at scientific symposiums across the globe. You…

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Flow Chemistry: The TARDIS of synthetic chemical techniques

A hallmark of the BBC’s beloved Doctor Who series is the space and time-travelling blue police box known as the TARDIS, which is often described as ‘bigger on the inside.’  What if there were a chemistry technique that shared the same sentiment? Allow me to introduce you to Continuous Flow Chemistry or CFC. It may…

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The Chemistry of Relationships

What gives relationships their staying power? Trust? Reliability? Communication? We believe in, and adhere to, each of these qualities especially when it comes to our employees and clients. And because we are a company of invention and collaboration, we also take great pride in building long-term relationships between our clients and their Adesis chemistry teams….

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Meet COO Helen Stimson

Leading our Operational Growth in Contract Research Capabilities Meet our Chief Operating Officer, Helen Stimson. Her role at Adesis is a testament to our commitment to expanding our horizons, which means more possibilities and new services and capabilities for our clients. On June 1, 2020, Helen took up the reins as Adesis’ first COO. She…

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New Year, New Brain.

Everyone loves a new year. Another opportunity to ‘start fresh.’ For some that might mean eating better, working out more or learning a new skill. A more active and healthier life isn’t just good for your body; your brain needs an exercise regimen as well. So says neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay…

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Top 5 Science Stories of 2020: Chemistry Countdown

Panda Photo source: The primary directive at Adesis is to deliver outstanding contract chemical research services to our clients. At the foundation of that goal is our dedicated staff of chemists. Each one started off in their own way with an inherent interest in science. With all the focus this year on physical distancing…

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The Chemistry Behind Your Holiday Dinner

The holidays are upon us and with that comes the traditional holiday dinner. Here’s to molecules, compounds and Maillard reactions! While most chefs are whipping up mashed potatoes or glazing a spiral ham, the chemist chef is busy determining which foods will yield the perfect reaction from friends and family. At Adesis, we are keenly…

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Pandemics and Predictions

2020 has been a strange year… At the start, it was difficult to predict how the global pandemic might affect Contract Research Organizations (CROs) like Adesis as COVID spread throughout our society. Temperature checks, masks, physical distancing, and staggered shifts to limit physical contact, all common practices now, are just a few of the changes…

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Feeding the Talent Pipeline: the Adesis Commitment to STEM

Any beneficial reaction or advancement starts with a good base – a foundation on which to build upon. Our foundation doesn’t start with one idea or one person, it starts with a lot of them, working towards one objective — making chemistry better. That’s why when we recruit, we look for a combination of aptitude…

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