Custom Synthesis

Adesis has a long record of success in performing expeditious synthesis campaigns, often multi-steps, under tight customer timelines. Our success is enabled through seamless execution of robust chemistries, which limit risks, in tandem with research and logistical operations.

Such projects are often defined as Single Compound (One-offs; Fee-for-Service) projects and are bid at a guaranteed fixed price for labor. Raw materials may either be included in the fixed price or back-charged at cost. The decision to back-charge raw materials depends on the anticipated reliability of the synthesis procedure provided, as well as scalability. One-off projects are typically projects involving large quantities of material.

Custom synthesis laboratory equipment

Experimental ligands for catalyst refinement

Biomaterial and material science conjugation intermediates

Large-scale isotope labeling

Toll manufacturing

Research & Development

Typically these projects have more of a research component, which many clients preferably undertake in Full time equivalents (FTEs), which are committed full time to the sponsor. FTE-based projects are quoted on time and materials, with back-charge of raw materials.

These are research oriented projects and/or difficult projects, where the substantial technical risks preclude quoting a fixed price. FTE projects generally involve smaller amounts of material (500 mg to 50 grams). Additional benefits for contracting full time equivalents (FTE) versus contracting multiple one-off type projects include:

Working in laboratory

Reliable Capacity

FTE contracts provide our clients consistent and reliable laboratory capacity. We have the attribute of personnel skillset redundancies, which allow for additional personnel to be incorporated into a project with minimum productivity loss.

Project Execution Facilitation

Projects may be initiated immediately when the chemistry is provided – there is no time lapse for proposal writing and contract approval process.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

The data-driven dynamics of the discovery environment often necessitates changes in goals. For example, late-breaking biological or physicochemical data on an investigational molecule will prompt its deprioritization in favor of another lead. Consequently, the scale-up synthesis of a target molecule may need to be modified mid-stream or suspended. The FTE approach allows for projects to change without the need to adjust a work order.

Maximizing Value Through Operations

In addition to expeditious synthesis campaigns, we also maximize value for customers through our operations. For example, FTE projects have the support of a full service kilo lab on the same site to make unavailable raw materials. This allows the sponsor considerable budget flexibility and ensures that projects will not be delayed because of raw material backorders.

Specialty Technologies

Monomers and Biomaterial intermediates

Adesis has a long history in creation of high-value monomers and functionalized heterocycles for incorporation in medical consumer products. This expertise has enabled other research opportunities.

Ligand and catalyst research

The availability of many novel azoles, from the Adesis library of heterocyclic intermediates, has enabled clients to examine new classes of catalysts. From the initial studies, subsequent generations of catalysts have been attained for olefin methasis and petroleum value-enhancements.

Novel heterocyclic intermediates

Adesis scientists have more than 125 years of empiric expertise in design and implementation of reliable syntheses of orthogonally-functionalized pyridines (cf., Advance Heterocyclic Intermediates initiative). In many cases, Adesis was the first to enable unambiguous syntheses for client-specified intermediates. This expertise has been extended into other heterocyclic systems.

Stable-isotope labeling

Including bioanalytical standards – Adesis scientists have more than 65 years of empiric expertise in enabling and optimizing methods for stable isotope labeling of organic molecules (mg to >100 kg), with consistent isotopic purities. Notably, we have triple-labelled with 2H, 13C and 15N within the same molecular scaffolds (mg to >100 kg), with consistent isotopic purities.

Noteworthy Types of Projects

Here are just a few examples of the many types of projects we have worked on.

Type of Project Discovery Scale-Up Process
Chiral syntheses (A)
Impurity synthesis
Scaffolds and building blocks (B)
Exploratory chemistry validation of screening hits
Lead optimization
Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)
Chromogenic reagents for assay development
Reference agents
Synthesis of investigational agents for initial in vivo and toxicological studies (or field trials)
Reference standards for bioprofiling
Syntheses of metabolites and putative metabolites
Semi-synthetic and total syntheses of natural products
Steroids and related scaffolds
Experimental agents for first-in-life INDA-enabling studies
Experimental agents for agricultural field studies
High-value cosmeceutical and flavors-fragrance intermediates
Patent validation studies
Screening libraries (25 to 100 compounds/library)
Advance intermediates destined for GMP final assembly
(A) up to 5 kg scale, (B) up to 1000 kg scale



Also called zone-refining, sublimation is the technique of choice for purifying intermediates that are thermally stable. Such higher purity intermediates, often with significantly reduced trace metal content, are applicable for material science and organoelectronic applications.

Green Chemistry

In addition to ecological and atom efficiency considerations, Adesis process chemists will optimize protocols in order to minimize catalyst and solvent consumption, and inherent operational risks in projects aimed for toll manufacturing and regulatory needs.

Controlled Substance License (Research, Class II-V Substances)

Adesis is enabled to handle range of quantities (mg to kg) of these bioactive substances.

Taking a Different Approach to Organic Chemistry Services

We have been successful for over 20 years by taking a different approach than other CRO’s. We provide clients with organic chemistry services in three areas:

  • Early Stage Research
  • Scale Up & Development
  • Specialty Manufacturing

Learn More About Our Unique Business Model

Specialty manufacturing laboratory equipment and beakers

Specialty Manufacturing

Adesis scientists have facilitated clients’ timely and successful introduction of new products that require high value intermediates. Irrespective of the end user community, we provide intermediates that are not commercially available or volumes that CMOs will not handle.

Depending on the chemistries, we have a monthly capacity of 50 kg – 100 kg (annual production 1000 kg) of intermediates with consistent purities. In some instances, we are able to provide purities greater than 99.9%. We can also optimize a process for either internal toll manufacturing or for transfer to GMP facilities.

Novel Heterocyclic Intermediates

Adesis has pioneered in large–scale production of various heterocyclic intermediates, with complex substitution patterns. We have a track record of reliably producing these materials for clients.

Ligand and Catalyst

Adesis scientists have extensive experience manufacturing commercial unavailable ligands and catalysts as well as clients’ proprietary compounds under their preferred secrecy/manufacturing agreements.

Monomers and Biomaterial Intermediates

High purity requirements are often key to the successful use of these specialty intermediates, which Adesis has pioneered.


Adesis has developed methods for stable isotope labeling of organic molecules (up >100 kg), with consistent isotopic purities.

Discover the specialized equipment we maintain on site, enabling us to provide these quality services and capabilities to our clients.


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