The Gator100 award is a great recognition for Adesis as a whole, and a tribute to the hard work and scientific excellence of our entire staff.

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Any organic chemistry project, any company size.

Our highly adaptable staff and versatile facility allows us to offer flexible chemistry solutions for clients ranging from "virtual" companies to Fortune 100 companies.

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Made in the USA.

Enjoy the confidence of intellectual property protection, confidentiality, and security under US governance and American integrity.

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A deep bench of experienced chemists.

With over forty chemists, many of whom have been with us for over ten years, we have the unmatched expertise to handle the most challenging organic chemistry opportunities.

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Our Mission Statement:

Provide expert discovery and process chemistry solutions with the highest level of integrity to accelerate clients' research and manufacturing goals.

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    Adesis is a contract research organization supporting the pharmaceutical, chemical, biomaterials, and catalysts industries. We provide expertise in custom synthesis, research & development, and specialty manufacturing.

    Custom Synthesis Services from Adesis

    Our team handles the synthesis of custom compounds that are not available commercially, in milligram to multi-kilogram quantities. We have a long record of success in performing expeditious synthesis campaigns under tight timelines.

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    Research & Development Services

    Adesis takes on many projects that are research oriented, and also specializes in the efficient and timely scale-up synthesis of target molecules.

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    Specialty Manufacturing from Adesis

    Adesis provides intermediates that are not commercially available or volumes that CMOs will not handle. The team provides specialty manufacturing of single chemicals and intermediates.

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