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As a contract research organization, our mission is solving our clients’ complex chemistry problems and accelerating their research and manufacturing goals.

The Numbers Tell a Story

82 PhD Chemists

331 Patents Held by Adesis Chemists

818 Peer Journal Articles by Adesis Chemists

398 Scientific Presentations by Adesis Chemists

80,000 Sq. Ft. of State-of-the-Art Lab Space

100% US-based

How We Solve Your Chemistry Problems


“Adesis accelerated our R&D program for Drug X by 5 years.”

– Pharmaceutical Client

“They reduced the cost of the scale-up synthesis from $90 per gram to $3 per gram, which made commercialization feasible.”

– Electronics Client

“Why Adesis? Absolute trust and reliability – I have full faith in their chemistry skills.”

– Medical Client

“Folks in our research department rely on Adesis and have developed their own relationship. The Adesis chemists are our R&D team.”

– Medical Client

“Adesis high staff retention is telling – it matters. They must love their work. It’s indicative of a certain culture and trust.”

– Pharmaceutical Client

Our Chemistry Solutions

Chemistry Solutions


Adesis takes pride in supporting pharmaceutical and biotech industry clients – helping them solve the world’s most pressing medicinal chemistry, process scale-up and manufacturing challenges. Find out more about how we expand pharmaceutical R&D teams, reducing costs and speeding time to market.

Chemistry Solutions

Specialty Chemical:

When it comes to developing specialized solutions, ensuring the highest purity and most efficient production methods, Adesis chemists are unmatched. Explore how we can increase R&D capacity and deliver success for the specialty chemical industry.

Client Testimonial

“Adesis operates with a sense of urgency and optimism I really appreciated.”

– Pharmaceutical Client