Flow Chemistry: The TARDIS of synthetic chemical techniques

A hallmark of the BBC’s beloved Doctor Who series is the space and time-travelling blue police box known as the TARDIS, which is often described as ‘bigger on the inside.’  What if there were a chemistry technique that shared the same sentiment? Allow me to introduce you to Continuous Flow Chemistry or CFC. It may…

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The Chemistry of Relationships

What gives relationships their staying power? Trust? Reliability? Communication? We believe in, and adhere to, each of these qualities especially when it comes to our employees and clients. And because we are a company of invention and collaboration, we also take great pride in building long-term relationships between our clients and their Adesis chemistry teams….

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Meet COO Helen Stimson

Leading our Operational Growth in Contract Research Capabilities Meet our Chief Operating Officer, Helen Stimson. Her role at Adesis is a testament to our commitment to expanding our horizons, which means more possibilities and new services and capabilities for our clients. On June 1, 2020, Helen took up the reins as Adesis’ first COO. She…

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