Chemistry is elemental.

You have an important job to do – and you need a strong chemistry foundation to accomplish your goals.

Adesis is the trusted contract research company (CRO) for the specialty chemical industry. Our chemists are highly skilled and experienced in research and development, process chemistry, and manufacturing of organic and organometallic compounds, from milligrams to multikilogram quantities.

As an extension of our clients’ R&D teams, we tenaciously solve a wide range of complex chemistry problems. Adesis is one of the few companies in the world that can turn a very difficult whiteboard chemistry concept into a physical product.

“Adesis was able to shorten and optimize a synthetic route significantly for a crucial target compound. By doing that, they reduced the cost of the scale-up synthesis from $90 per gram to $3 per gram, which made commercialization feasible.”

Electronics Client

Research and Development

Adesis chemists have extensive experience and are motivated by the challenge of discovering a molecule with potential utility or for proof-of-concept of a given idea. They work with specialty chemical R&D teams to brainstorm and identify solutions, or independently propose alternative routes – with flexibility in staffing and sourcing to meet your deadlines. The Adesis team moves quickly and can rapidly scale to hundreds of grams or kilos of both final targets and key intermediates. We provide solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective.

Specialty Chemical Process Development, Scale-up and Manufacturing

The process development chemists at Adesis are true innovators. They optimize small-scale chemical synthesis and prepare it for multikilogram manufacturing. Adesis can follow your scale-up process, work to improve your scale-up process to save time and cost, or design and execute a cost-effective scale-up process for you – quickly, safely and to the highest quality and purity.

The chemistry team at Adesis has extensive experience and versatility. Our services and skills include:

Custom Synthesis:

Adesis has a long record of success in synthesizing custom organic and organometallic compounds that are not available commercially.

Stable-Isotope Labeling:

Adesis scientists have broad expertise in enabling and optimizing methods for stable isotope labeling of organic molecules (mg to >100kg), with consistent isotopic purities.

Dealing with Challenging Compounds:

We have the ability to make compounds that involve air, moisture and light sensitive reactions.

Large-Scale High-Pressure Reactions:

We regularly run large-scale high-pressure reactions including but not limited to hydrogenation and carbonylation.

Organometallic Purification:

Organometallic Purification is a core competency of ours Depending on the compound we use sublimation, preparatory HPLC or crystallization.

Also called ‘zone-refining,’ sublimation is the technique of choice for purifying intermediates that are thermally stable. Such higher purity intermediates, often with significantly reduced trace metal content, are applicable for material science and organoelectric applications.

Continuous Flow Chemistry

Adesis chemists have deep understanding and knowledge in continuous flow chemistry, and we have invested in three automated continuous flow chemistry systems. By optimizing chemical processes we enable significant reaction improvements and cost reductions in labor, raw materials and waste. Continuous flow chemistry is an increasingly common solution to challenging synthetic problems in specialty chemical industries due to its efficiency, reliability, scalability, and safety across different types of chemistries including:

  • Low temperature reactions
  • Rapid reactions
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Photochemistry
  • Sonochemistry
  • Electrochemistry and others.

Analytical Chemistry Services for Specialty Chemical Industries

Working with Adesis means having access to capabilities ranging from simple analyses through complex purifications. Our analytical chemists guide experimentation and ensure all the materials we synthesize reach their target purity.

Project Management

We provide each client with a dedicated project manager, to direct questions and resources, deliver weekly reports when applicable, respond to inquiries and keep you up to date on the project status.

“Adesis operates with a sense of urgency and optimism I really appreciated.”

Chemical Client

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