Expanding Chemical Manufacturing Capacity at Adesis: Meet David Baran

At Adesis, we provide our customers with the highest quality CRO and R&D services to help them solve their complex problems quickly and safely.

While that has long involved helping customers develop and perfect reagents and products that they will incorporate into their own manufacturing processes, Adesis is now building the capacity to help customers through the entirety of the product lifecycle – from concept through R&D and on to a less expensive and scalable final product, then finally to the full-scale manufacturing process. To accomplish this, Adesis is expanding our organizational capacity to include the manufacturing element and offer our customers even more.

The Brains Behind the Build-Out

David Baran, our Director of Manufacturing, guides the development of this manufacturing capacity while making sure the structure exists to support that growth.

“What I’m doing now is making sure that our structure retains the flexibility that has made Adesis successful but also make sure it will support our needs in the future,” he says. “I also identify ways that we can improve our flexibility and capacity within our current facilities both in the short term and over the next two or three years.”

In a recent Q&A, David talked about his role building this new segment of Adesis service:

Q: What will success look like once this expansion begins?

A: For me it’s looking at how we’re delivering to our customers; not only in a way that’s as good or better than we’ve been doing it, but also making this transition with a relative ease. Some of those indicators of success are going to be tangible by looking at revenue growth and on-time delivery to customers. But there’s also intangibles, like making sure the great results we get are also sustainable without driving our people into the ground in the process.

Q: What makes Adesis unique among its peers?

A: Historically, we’ve been a CRO which has really been successful because of the depth of the chemistry that we can perform and the speed and flexibility that we provide and can show to our customers in what we deliver to them. As we grow into a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), I see us needing to leverage those same critical elements – the depth of knowledge, the speed and the flexibility – but to start doing it on scale. So, not only being able to do it when someone wants a couple of grams but when someone starts wanting 10 grams or hundreds of kilos of products for a commercial use, not just for their own internal scale up or trial needs.

Q: What drew you to Adesis?

A: We have a really dynamic and ambitious founder who, even though Adesis is now part of Universal Display, still has, essentially, creative control of the business. His goals and ambitions for Adesis is to continue to grow but not become bureaucratic. That really aligned with my own values and career direction, so to me it was just one of those unique opportunities you get in your career to really have that interaction with both building something from the ground up and having the organizational alignment and culture to make it all happen.

The Road to Adesis

Originally from Detroit, David says he’s always been fascinated by manufacturing. After displaying a talent and love for chemistry in high school, he chose to pursue it as a career, taking his first job out of college at a small contract manufacturing organization outside of Detroit.

“Early in my career, I was very fortunate to meet someone whose life was literally saved by one of the products I was making,” he says. “When you can see how you can have that impact on someone’s life in a very tangible way, it speaks to you in a way nothing else can.  It’s something that’s always stuck with me since.”