Feeding the Talent Pipeline: the Adesis Commitment to STEM

Gregorio Molina was an Adesis intern before his current position as Research Chemist.
Gregorio Molina was an Adesis intern before his current position as Research Chemist.

Any beneficial reaction or advancement starts with a good base – a foundation on which to build upon. Our foundation doesn’t start with one idea or one person, it starts with a lot of them, working towards one objective — making chemistry better. That’s why when we recruit, we look for a combination of aptitude and creativity that is a good fit for the Adesis team and ultimately our clients.

As a company of invention, Adesis has transformed the chemical CRO business. The innovative compounds we develop find use in life-enhancing oncology, anti-infective, animal treatment, central nervous system, immunotherapy, therapeutic, ophthalmic, biomarkers, skin care, catalysts and a myriad of other applications.

We are always feeding the talent pipeline; teaching and absorbing new ideas to grow not only our business, but advance the chemistry profession. Adesis is a founding member of Intern Delaware, a partnership of companies coordinating summer STEM internships that focus on the benefits of living in Delaware and building a future workforce by retaining talent within the First State.

Interns from this program go through a rigorous program of multiple opportunities and further grow their careers by interacting with senior science and business leaders. At Adesis, it’s not uncommon for them to join our family of extraordinarily talented scientists and chemists from 30 countries with a multitude of cultures and languages.

“I worked as a chemistry intern for two weeks in the analytical lab, followed by working the remainder of my internship in a lab with multiple chemists. I cannot thank Adesis Inc. enough for being able to provide this opportunity to STEM students who are constantly pushing themselves to gain important skills and teachings that allow them to think like a chemist should think.” – Intern Melanie A.

We’re strong supporters of STEM programs, both education and internships. We see it as instrumental to creating jobs that build our state’s economy as well as seeding our own manufacturing capabilities with new research and development ideas.

In addition to a multicultural workforce, Adesis has a proud local footprint. Many of our employees have studied at Wilmington University, Delaware State University, and the University of Delaware; that’s one reason why we continue to build our philanthropic efforts close to home with organizations like Intern Delaware and Delaware Food Bank

Adesis looks forward to training and getting to know many more interns in the future.

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