Pandemics and Predictions

2020 has been a strange year…

At the start, it was difficult to predict how the global pandemic might affect Contract Research Organizations (CROs) like Adesis as COVID spread throughout our society. Temperature checks, masks, physical distancing, and staggered shifts to limit physical contact, all common practices now, are just a few of the changes Adesis implemented swiftly to keep our chemists safe and able to provide uninterrupted chemical research and manufacturing services to our clients.

These safety measures went far beyond the chemists in the laboratory. To minimize the risk of community spread between employees, all non-essential members of the Adesis team transitioned seamlessly to remote work — ready and willing to support the chemists on the front lines who continue today to deliver exceptional chemical services throughout this pandemic.

Changes in 2021

As Adesis looks towards 2021, we do so with a strong foundation solidified during the uncertainties of 2020. In addition to the safety measures already mentioned, Adesis has sought to validate and increase the number of our chemical vendors to ensure that we have reliable supply lines no matter the state of the current or any future pandemic. These types of company-wide preparative measures ensure Adesis’ ability to deliver our clients’ materials on time so research can continue without delay.

Because of the convenient, quick, and reliable services only CROs offer, 2021 will likely see an increase in the reliance of the pharmaceutical industry on CROs like Adesis to help in their general research endeavors as well as their pursuits of COVID-19 therapeutics. Whether it is making non-GMP APIs, API analogs, reference standards, metabolic impurities, or providing any number of a variety of chemical services, the Adesis chemistry team is ready to work in full force to support the pharmaceutical industry and fulfill its synthetic chemistry needs.  

A New Trust in Science

Looking to the future, we are seeing COVID vaccines and treatments make their way from the laboratory, through the regulatory processes, and into the public. We believe that with them will come a renewed trust in science and the scientists working tirelessly to contribute to the good of our society. Adesis understands and appreciates the role these scientists undertake during times of a global pandemic. We look forward to continuing to support their efforts in 2021 and many years beyond.

… when it comes to innovation, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.”