The Chemistry of Relationships

What gives relationships their staying power? Trust? Reliability? Communication? We believe in, and adhere to, each of these qualities especially when it comes to our employees and clients. And because we are a company of invention and collaboration, we also take great pride in building long-term relationships between our clients and their Adesis chemistry teams.

How do we do it?

  • Get to really know our clients and their business mission. Learn to speak their language, as it were – and with an international cadre of scientists on our team, we do often literally speak our clients’ language. Our chemists develop an understanding of the clients’ process, eliminating lengthy project onboarding.
  • Go above and beyond expectations. Our goals track further than just providing chemical expertise for complex challenges. We take compounds from lab to manufacturing – increasing yields, identifying optimal reagents and catalysts, avoiding troublesome isolations and purifications – helping reduce overall costs along the way.
  • Keep in constant contact. Even in unexpected or challenging situations, communication is paramount. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we stayed open and maintained continual communication via video-conferencing and other technology to keep the dialogue open and projects running smoothly.

As for our workforce, the Adesis team has a passion for chemistry; respected for their brilliance and openness to collaboration and adapting. To keep this relationship strong, we work at creating an environment that encourages them to remain – and they do. We don’t take that for granted. There is a saying we have about our employees: we want to ‘hire and retire them’ here at Adesis. We support this objective by embracing a culture founded on ethics, integrity, values, family, transparency, speed, safety and trust. Also, by believing that a diverse and inclusive work environment is essential to the growth and sustainability of our business. Then, we look for the best people to join our extraordinary group. A team of people with the skill and expertise to work anywhere in the world, yet they choose to stay at Adesis.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford