Of Chemists and Innovation

As a leading chemistry CRO, innovation is our lifeforce. It’s not so surprising when you find out we have a team of 100 chemists — 82 Ph.D. scientists among them — who hold 331 patents, have published 818 peer journal articles and have given more than 398 presentations at scientific symposiums across the globe. You could say “discovery” is the “D” of our DNA.

We have a reputation for solving a wide range of difficult pharmaceutical and specialty chemical problems for our clients and are one of the few companies in the world that can turn a complex whiteboard chemistry concept into a physical product. But it’s more than that. It’s our tenacity and rapid turnaround response in finding these solutions for our clients.

Discovery Chemistry

Using research and development, our chemists are motivated by challenges like discovering a molecule with potential utility or for proof-of-concept of a given idea. While much of our work is proprietary to us or our clients, here are examples of innovation capabilities we’re particularly proud of:

  • Heterocycle compounds — Used in natural product chemistry, the Adesis expertise is in synthesizing and derivatizing them for our compound catalog. Our catalog compounds include molecules with potential as building blocks for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, veterinary products, sanitizers, developers, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors, among other applications.
  • Purification techniques — We excel in the synthesis of complex molecules at high purity. Adesis chemists come from a variety of synthetic chemistry backgrounds, each providing unique insight into the purification and isolation of a plethora of complex molecules. The techniques employed by our team range from simple crystallizations and intricate column chromatography to high temperature, state-of-the-art sublimation.

Client Collaboration

Adesis is grounded in an environment of collaboration and a commitment to partnership. We take great pride in working alongside pharmaceutical and biotech industry clients, helping them solve the world’s most pressing medicinal chemistry, process scale-up and manufacturing challenges. They come to rely on our chemists as an expansion of their own R&D teams, sometimes working together for decades.

Collaboration is about developing relationships, earning trust and meeting objectives. We love hearing comments from our clients like, “Adesis operates with a sense of urgency and optimism I really appreciated.”  Or, “Adesis was able to shorten and optimize a synthetic route significantly for a crucial target compound. By doing that, they reduced the cost of the scale-up synthesis from $90 per gram to $3 per gram, which made commercialization feasible.”

Trusted collaboration with exceptional chemistry teams — in Adesis’ hands, the science is not complicated. Our chemists are respected for their brilliance in innovation. Having the resources of Adesis’ 72,000-square-foot lab space in New Castle, Delaware, certainly helps!

When clients say “let’s begin,” Adesis has already started.