Safety is in Every Element of What We Do

As a contract research organization, the Adesis mission is to solve our clients’ complex chemistry problems and accelerate their research and manufacturing goals. But none of that can be achieved without the certainly that safety standards are met at every phase of the process. That’s because reliably and safely solving the toughest chemistry problems in partnership with our clients is our ultimate purpose.

The Adesis Facility Safety Program is designed to constantly raise the level of awareness of safe work practices regarding the safety of our chemistry team as well as the security of our client’s confidential information. Our vigilance extends beyond the laboratory to the protection of all our client’s patents and intellectual property. Backed by the effective use of systems, security and formalized processes, safe chemistry and client confidentiality are always the priority.

A Culture of Safety

Our chemical hygiene plans are second to none and we adhere to all OSHA and EPA standards during each step of both R&D and manufacturing. Our team adheres to the American Chemical Society standards for safety at all times, following the RAMP Principles:

  • Recognize Hazards
  • Assess the Risks of Hazards
  • Minimize the Risks of Hazards
  • Prepare for Emergencies.

Our safety culture is one that promotes and communicates safety, believes in the importance of interactive collaboration to maintain our ‘safety’ philosophy, and provides active safety management and leadership throughout the organization. By carefully crafting our safety guidelines in adherence with those governing bodies and training our already chemically minded employees, Adesis can safely and efficiently help our clients’ chemistry succeed.

Whether it’s understanding the difference between a hazard vs. risk, acute or chronic toxicity or why reducing the scale or performing process optimization reduces the risk, Adesis knows safety and its value are at the core of all we do. When it comes to safety, we never compromise.